Saturday, January 5, 2013

Adjunct New Year and Survey!

Dear Hunter Adjuncts and GTF’s,

**We will be meeting again the second day of the semester, January 29th, time TBD!  Save the date!**

**We also have a new mailing list for announcements that will be sent more frequently!  Email if you want to be added!**

Notes from end of year meeting!

At our last meeting at the end of the semester, adjuncts from six different departments met and talked about our feelings of isolation, our working conditions, and our job security.  We realized that we shared a lot of common experiences, but also were surprised to learn about policies in other departments.  We decided that documenting our conditions, the contradictions in the university, and charting our commonalities was a really beneficial way of having conversations, and also making plans of action and demands.

Adjunct and GTF Solidarity Survey
We decided the best way to start a process of collecting information was to create a survey of questions we asked each other at out meeting.  We are trying to collect as many surveys as possible, and publish a collection of answers anonymously  in a newsletter in January, and also to the Hunter newspaper (“The Envoy”).  We would also love suggestions for any more creative things to do with the surveys.

We ask that if you are comfortable, you leave your information so we can contact you (and not for any other use); if not we are more than happy to accept anonymous answers!  All questions are optional, but answer as many as you can, and are interested in.  Because this is done in a “google form” we will not see your information unless you tell us, and even then it will not be shared beyond other adjuncts working on this project.

 You can access the survey here!

**Hunter Teaches is a group of adjuncts and GTFs at Hunter, operating completely autonomously from any political party or union.  We have no affiliation with the PSC or any caucus group. **

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