Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Tumblr, Spring break event

Dear fellow adjuncts,
Its been a busy semester, and adjuncts all over the system have been swamped with our overloaded classes, our second (and third, and fourth) jobs, and trying to figure out just what in the hell is happening to our health insurance after "mid-April"???  Because of this we need to come together more than ever.  Hunter Teaches has been building a group that is both ready to fight by striking back against management and austerity in all its forms, and by undermining the systemic isolation and degradation that has kept so many of us silent for so long.  We all know that we need to take serious action to change our conditions, but we need to be united to do so.

We have decided to take the forms of isolation that Hunter has foisted on us--no office space, regularly changing course schedule, and less and less meaningful work as our classes increase from 15-500--and turn them into modes through which we can fight.

We have also changed our online presence.  We are still working through the survey answers you submitted (the survey can be answered here!), but as we were reading the answers we decided that having a space to publicly discuss all the forms of exploitation we face would make a huge difference in identifying common problems, but also to help us strategize about how to address them.  Visit our tumblr at where you can submit a post, and register.

Finally, as we have been meeting more people, we decided to have a Pre-Spring Break Adjunct Mixer; but this isn't your typical mixer!  We will be hanging out, but also discussing the preliminary results of the survey, pressing issues facing adjuncts, and ways to take an offensive against our increasingly immiseration.  Please email for more info!

p.s. We know its late notice, but there will be a discussion this evening on austerity and the public sector.  It is at Brecht Forum at 7:30 PM (Thurs 3/14) and more info can be found here!