Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Letter in Support of Indiana University Strikers

Indiana University are planning a system-wide strike for April 11-12. We are excited by their efforts, especially their broad demands which include demands around wages as well as immigration and admissions.  We offer the following message of solidarity. You can read more from them here.

Dear Striking UIC Workers and Students,

This message is to communicate that Hunter Teaches, an autonomous group of adjunct instructors at Hunter College in New York City, declare our solidarity with the students, staff and faculty striking at Indiana University campuses on April 11-12. We endorse unequivocally the strikers’ demands, which include:

1. Immediate reduction of tuition and fees

2. An end to privatization and outsourcing at IU campuses

3. An end to the present wage freeze

4. Compliance with IU’s pledge to double the enrollment of African-American students

5. An immediate end to HB1402 and SB590, which legitimize racial discrimination on IU campuses

6. No retaliation against strikers

Hunter College is part of the City University of New York (CUNY) system, which is the group of public higher education institutions for New York City, serving over half a million students. From ballooning tuition costs and crippling debt loads to voracious exploitation of the labor force, erosion of educational standards, discrimination against poor people and students of color, and grotesque pay raises for an expanding administrative cabal, our struggle not only resembles those of the students and workers at IU, but is intimately tied to it . We applaud the unwillingness of strikers at IU to stand by as smug administrators mortgage another generation of young people to the vagaries of the capitalist marketplace, and we admire the militant strategy they have decided to adopt. We also are impressed by the high level of organization strikers at IU have obtained.  We know from our own experience the amount of work and dedication it takes.  At CUNY as at IU adjunct faculty represent the future of labor in the United States, especially labor which reproduces the working class.  We work for hours and hours without wages, lack health insurance, and are forced to work part time at other jobs to make ends meet. Our struggle is not just our own, but is the same that our students face in their precarious work and will face upon graduation. For these reasons we pledge our support to the strikers at IU, across the US and around the world who refuse to countenance the foreclosure of their lives by cowardly servants of wealth and power.

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