Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Cancelled Classes? Time to fight back.

Is this happening at other schools?

Hunter Teaches is hearing massive reports that classes, especially in sociology but in all departments have been cancelled last minute for both the summer and fall due to either lack of enrollment or lack of space.

Adjuncts are the epitome of precarious workers--if we lose just one class, we stand to lose a full 1/3 of our entire income, but are still forced to teach our other classes, leaving us with a very limited schedule to take other jobs unless we want to risk quitting and never being able to teach at CUNY again. When we lose a class, we don't qualify for unemployment, but are forced to below poverty wages.

Similarly, students who have their class cancelled risk not being able to graduate on time which can destroy their entire post-college year(s), as well as losing new work schedules, having to enroll for another entire semester, and losing thousands of dollars of tuition money.

This is unacceptable when it happens to a few of us a semester, and we always take it lying down. Are we going to keep standing by as individuals as this happens on a more massive scale not just to other adjuncts but to our students as well?

Please respond to this email if you had your class cancelled. Hunter has an enormous bureaucracy devoted to scheduling, and there is no reason this should be happening. We are able to have our classes cancelled and receive no compensation because we have never shown we won't take it. We need to prove we will not just be available for hire and fire at the whim of the school, and that they need to reorganize the schedules or pay adjuncts for our prep time and for our lost wages!