About Us

Hunter Teaches is a group of precarious teachers at Hunter College who have come together to examine our situation of exploitation, and its connection to the exploitation of our students and other workers in the University.  The fact that we teach almost 80% of classes, but are the lowest paid faculty, shows that the University is just like any other low-wage feminized job in our society: we are expected to care the maximum amount, with the fewest resources.

We see our situation as directly connected to the living and working conditions of our students and other low-wage workers here at Hunter and around the world.  We work independently from representative organizations or government: we know that through our work and social interactions we have the capacity to change what we see around us.

Although we are based at Hunter we welcome any college or other workplace to use our material, and welcome collaboration.

Please feel free to contact us at hunter.teaches@gmail.com.

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